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The third novisad collects songs that were made during a timespan of more than 7 years. Each song tells it's own story and describes a distinct emotion. I think that each also represents a special part in my life. novisad is very personal music that comes from heart. That may is the reason why I can't tell much more about it, because you just can't talk a lot about emotions. So why not let the music tell the story for you and discover it for yourself.

The album starts with the song funkel that originally was made for a live performance with Jürgen de Blonde on the kraak festival back in 2001. The sounds on untitled 2 came from Aaron & Sandra from the Lucky Kitchen. At this time I figured out that a guitar is an instrument with infinite ways of sound. So you can see this novisad also as a concept album that was made only out of guitar samples I collected from here and there.

For me this novisad will mostly be music for the time after that reminds myself that all things must come to an end - eventually.

funkel Preview

You can listen to some mp3 previews.

funkel cd
01. funkel
02. song 2
03. untitled 1
04. song 1
05. untitled 3
06. raindrops
07. untitled 4
08. untitled 9
09. tokimeki-pingpong
10. pingpong
11. restspielzeit
12. yappari
13. distant vicinity
14. tine
15. verlauf
16. untitled 2
17. kaeri
18. abbild

novisad Reviews

Read here what other people wrote about novisad:

Funkel, Kristian Peters' third album under the Novisad name (Novisad and Seleya appeared on Tomlab in 1998 and 2001 respectively), packs eighteen songs, all of them produced during a seven-year timespan, into a fleeting forty-two minute running time. As a result, the tracks' two-minute durations don't typically allow them to move through the conventional narrative stages one might encounter in a longer composition. As a result, most of Funkel's songs are even-flowing set-pieces that use layered loops to establish a mood and then hew to it for the duration. The material is also, by design, a concept album of sorts with all of the pieces created from guitar samples the Rostock, Germany-based producer (who has also issued material under his real name and as Adlib) collected over time and from different places, Peters having embraced the concept upon realizing the infinite potential the single instrument offers.
Despite whatever seeming limitations one might think an adherence to a single instrument would impose, Funkel's material reveals a generous range of variety. Acoustic lattices fall like raindrops during "Song 2", crystalline, harp-like flutterings dominate "Untitled 4", and stuttering filigrees of acoustic and electric guitars find Novisad firmly ensconced in Klimek territory during "Raindrops". A swim in a quiet sea of static hiss and pops, gentle strums evoke a tranquil country setting in "Untitled2" while a lilting percussion rhythm underscores blurry streams and gentle shadings in "Abbild". The ambient haze Peters generates in "Yappari" indicates why Novisad's inclusion on Kompakt's Pop Ambient 2002 makes perfect sense. Though Peters asserts that the album material is built from guitar samples, the range of sounds sometimes suggests a broader range of sound sources; rippling pianos seem to appear alongside percussive rhythms and billowing lattices during "Untitled 9" but, then again, it's entirely possible that the sounds derive from heavily-treated guitar-generated material. Listeners hungry for compositions featuring dramatic peaks and valleys won't find them on Funkel; what they will find are eighteen, semi-static mood pieces tailor-made to induce reverie and reflection.

Those of you with the keenest memories out there may remember Novisad's Kristian Peters from his first two albums on Tomlab. His album Seleya, released in 2001, was an arrestingly lovely thing, full of intricate lo-fi textures and mysterious loop-based constructions, and it's a great shame that it's taken Peters so long to get back to us with a third outing. The result of some seven years of musical endeavour, Funkel would seem to pick up where Seleya left off, stitching together ruptured electronic phrases snatched from processed guitar recordings and all manner of effects. The end result of all this is an album that feels like a collection of sketches and strangely half-formed ideas, yet when it's all bundled together there's a curious narrative sense to it all, and you find yourself submitting to Peters' very unique soundworld. Every so often moments of glaring beauty rise from the cumulative tangle of spluttering repetitions: 'Yappari', for example, offers an evocative drone interlude while 'Untitled 2' lightly dismantles sounds taken from Lucky Kitchen's Aeron & Sandra, but taken as a whole you're likely to conclude that Funkel is a strange and enigmatic beast - an album that sounds quite unlike anything else and undoubtedly rewards perseverance but at times almost sounds as if it was made by accident rather than deliberated over for seven years. Really quite odd, but an immersive, utterly lovely piece of work nonetheless.

Norman Records
Novisad: a.k.a Kristian Peters creates conceptual soundscapes as opposed to traditionally structured music. The tracks on 'Funkel' are sonic chunks of manipulation based solely on guitar samples Kristian has been storing up in his computer machine. He is obviously inspired by the infinite possibilities presented by the cutting and pasting of guitars and has plowed the terrain well and truly on this release. The music is soft and heartfelt without ever introducing vocals or obvious emotional motifs and he makes the guitar sound like the most beautiful instrument in the world. It shares a little in common with the likes of Four Tet and Boards of Canada for its uncanny ability to project emotional concepts via synthetic, electronic music but it's predominantly loop based so it appears more spaced out and dreamy with less focus on structural development and obvious pay-off moments. Sound scraps of joy.

More about novisad

You can visit the funkel page on flau. There you can order the album directly if you want.

novisad novisad
Musik, die verzaubert, schön und unerläßlich sich einen Weg in das menschliche Gehör bahnt, als wäre es selbstverständlich aber nicht abstrakt.
Seleya Seleya
Kleine Geschichtlein aus dem Leben. Seleya beschreibt in jedem Song ein kleines Stück aus dem Herzen gegriffen ihre ganz eigene Definition von Emotion.

Getting funkel

funkel was released by flau in Japan. Below is a list of distributions:

funkel backside
- a-musik (Germany)
- flau shop (World)
- boomkat (UK)
- u-cover (Belgium)
- popmuzik (Fukuoka)
- Amazon (Japan)
- diskunion (Japan)
- hmv (Japan)
- tower records (Japan)
- u-pop (Japan)
- asahi records (Japan)
- norman records (UK)
- othermusic (US)
- tonevendor (US)
- mu-nest (South Asia)
- cd japan (Japan)
- node culture (Taiwan)
- white noise (Hong Kong)
- pinto musica (Macau)
- linus records (Tokyo)
- onsa (Tokyo)
- warszawa (Tokyo)
- ftarri (Tokyo)
- weird-meddle (Sapporo)
- store15nov (Sendai)
- rallye (Kanazawa)
- pastel records (Nara)
- art rock no.1 (Kyoto)
- fastcut (Kobe)